GUANGDONG NEDFON INDOOR AIR SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY CO。, LTD。 is a joint venture estabished in 1989 and specializing in develing, manufacturing and selling different ventilation products。
With 20 years’ exeperience and development in the ventilation industry, we are at the cutting edge of the following ventilation products: Air Curtain, Household Exhaust Fan, Industry Ventilating Fan, Duct Fan, Energy Recovery Ventilator, External Rotor Motor and other Firefighting Ventilators.
We striclty implemented ISO9001: 2000 quality control standard from 2002 and we have the advanced machines in the process of manufacturing and tesing to ensure the best quality product to our customers.
Most of our products are approved by cULus, KC, SASO, CE, RoHS and CCC, which is the main reason that we are winning more and more customers all over the world.
We will continuously devote ourselves to the reseach & developing new ventilation products and offer better service to our customers in the future。

Add: No. 15 Nanxing Road Taicheng Taishan City Guangdong Province.
Tel: (+86-750) 5605586、400-883-2333、800-830-9638,
Fax: (+86-750) 5605550.

Guangdong Nedfon Air System Co., Ltd      

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